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Get authenticated today

Employee ecosystem of truth

A tamper proof journal of employee's digital identity carrying educational and professional records which are verified and authenticated from the source.
Companies that are experiencing Tymeline

You might never need a resume again

With verified credentials, reduce your time and efforts to prove your potential to companies.
Enough of delayed interviews, onboarding and appraisals. Let your accomplishments do the talking.
Untampered records history
All your academic & professional employment records are validated, verified and protected. Let all your accomplishments and certifications contribute to your professional growth.
Truthful privacy
We don't own your data. You are in-charge of your data and in full control when sharing it. Your data is 100% encrypted and put on decentralised infrastructure.
We do not own your data, we safeguard it for you!
Tymeline Score
Our strong scoring system considers your skills gained, project completion, ethical conduct and many more factors. Good Tymeline score puts you in front of other candidates and make you more attractive to prospective employers.
Tymeline Club
Get curated offers and services from vendors when you join and activate the club.

Get authenticated now

See how it works

We have a simple process in place
You do not need an invite to be a member on Tymeline network. We have a guided and simple signup process.
Add and get verified
If your are a working professional add your previous academic and professional records and get verified right from source once for all. Tymeline will handle all the chaos.
Share your Tymeline ID
This is your new professional identity. Share it with companies to expedite your interviews, onboarding, appraisals or certifications.
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Consent to data request
You will receive authorisation request to access records on your Tymeline. You can then consent or deny the request. You can also choose for how long you want to share the data and for what purpose. Thats not all, you can also revoke a previously granted access. You are in full control of your data.
Receive records
Records which are verified by the organisation and accepted by you are added on to your Tymeline. Once the record is on Tymeline it cannot be tampered with.
Monitor progress
Check all the relevant information about your Tymeline including the organisations which have accessed your Tymeline in past. Build your Tymeline score for better opportunities!
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Better the score, better the opportunity

Make full use of our scoring system which can open doors for global opportunites for your professional growth or offers and benefits.